Wondering who we are?

Wonder no more, get to know us below

Bear Necessity Gifts creates bespoke pieces of wall art designed and handcrafted to the highest quality.

The story of Bear Necessity Gifts began in 2017.  What started out as a hobby, creating frames for family and friends quickly turned into a freelance business. Set up by Sarah Hartnett in 2018, the business runs behind the scenes by her to ensure that every product produced is just as special as the original concept she once dreamed of. All frames are beautifully packaged with a matching gift card and are ready to display in your home.


About me

My main passion is helping people choose the right gift for their loved ones. Whether that be a simple gift or a unique, personalised gift; I am here to help. 

My aim is to create a bespoke gift so that you or your recipient can treasure it for years to come. If you would like to make your loved ones smile this year, Get in touch.

Bear Necessity Gifts make a range of Personalised Frames and gifts for all occasions. Just drop me a message by clicking on the contact button and I will happily respond to your request.